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KeAnna Daniels

My name is KeAnna Daniels, warmly known as Ke to my friends and family. I am a proud Dayton native and a boomerang transplant. I am an Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, Change Agent, Super Connector, and a Servant Leader in my communities. But above all these things, I am a human being who is constantly evolving and transforming into the woman God created me to be, pitfalls and valleys included. I am also a vessel of love, light, and positivity, and I am still learning and practicing how to pour from my overflow. 


I empower people to live their best lives by taking risks based on faith, and to live on purpose and with intention in order to execute with excellence. I have adopted the practice of learning the lessons in every situation; good, bad, ugly or indifferent and as a result I've made Faith Over Fear a lifestyle from the way I think to the risks I take both personally and professionally.

Over the last several years, the healing journey has become a normal practice for me, and as I continue to heal and transcend to my higher, best, and healed self, I feel a call to empower and support others to do the same. I believe that when we begin to heal ourselves holistically, traumas and triggers included, we are better able to navigate throughout life with more ease, grace, forgiveness, joy, and peace with ourselves and others. Welcome to our podcast, I look forward to creating a space where continuous transformation and growth is nurtured. 


Bridget Flaherty

Hi! My name is Bridget, which means strength, and life has definitely given me many opportunities to prove my strength. I became a single mother at 20, got a bachelor's degree in technology by 22, got a job and then bought my first home at 23. I got married at 25, and had my son at 28. At 29, when I admitted to my husband that I was ready to leave this thing called life, I started therapy. My counselor tried to help me to see the cycle of codependency and trauma that was holding me hostage, but I wasn’t ready to listen. I was too busy being strong. 


I finally left that marriage at 34, quickly got remarried, repeated my patterns, and in the rubble of my second marriage, I reached my breaking point. At 39, I stopped. I stopped being the kind of strong that keeps going through it all and I became the kind of strong that asks for help. I hit the reset button on my life. I quit my job, I sold my house, I travelled across the country with my 11-year-old son, and I did shadow work. I faced the childhood trauma and the abusive cycles that I repeated in my adulthood. I cried, a lot. I laughed, a lot. I lost friends and I found my tribe.


Today, I am a storyteller, a writer, a healer, a hugger, a friend, a lover, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a coach, an entrepreneur, and a force. I am passionate and playful, childlike and wise. I refuse to conform to what I was told I should be and instead I am real. 

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