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TTT provides various styles of workshops, sharing and teaching tried and true self care and healing practices. Whether you’re looking for a one-off workshop or a 10-week workshop, we have you covered. We take you on a journey that’s intentional, practical, and relatable for lasting practice and true transformation. 


If you’re interested in co-creating a workshop with TTT we provide that service as well. While we have several workshops for you to choose from, we also customize workshops to your needs. We love co-creating with our community! 


Interested in learning more, send us an email.


Planning a conference or ever thought of hosting one? You’re in luck! We invite you to hire TTT to plan and execute your idea for your conference focused on healing. Our team will provide consultancy and woman power for your team from start to finish, including concept, hosting, facilitating, and logistics. We invite our fellow healing space creators who have great ideas but would prefer to outsource the planning and execution to call on us, we got you! 


We understand the ins and outs of planning and executing a conference, and not all of it is super smooth, but we love the process. We want to help you host an amazing and powerful event produced with love, intention, light, and positivity.


Interested in learning more, send us an email.


If you’re looking to convene, connect, and engage your team to build and/or strengthen trust, communication, understanding, and to learn together, call on TTT. Our practices are rooted in healing, connection, and seeking to operate in our highest versions of ourselves. We believe that when we self assess first, we can then assess how to better contribute to our larger communities for optimal healing and wellness for the whole. We provide retreats for the following groups:

  • Nonprofits

  • Community Groups

  • Corporations


Interested in learning more, send us an email.

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